Mobile Keno

Many people enjoy playing casino games in their spare time, and there is no doubt that Keno is a worldwide favorite. Mobile Keno provides players with a great outlet to play their favorite game anywhere, anytime. Keno is a game that is very much like Bingo or a lottery, and it is played the same in bricks-and-mortar casinos and in virtual format. Players purchase cards that are marked with an average of 80 numbers and choose anywhere from one to 10 numbers that they feel will be drawn from a virtual hopper. As the numbers are drawn, players are required to mark their cards in standard bingo fashion. At the end of the round, players who have successfully matched one or more of their numbers to those drawn are paid out according to a predetermined pay scale. There are several betting strategies that are associated with Keno, and most of these apply both in-house and online.

The History of Virtual Keno

Mobile KenoThe introduction of computers and the internet gave players an entirely different way to play this beloved lottery-like game. The 1980s introduced the world’s first online casinos that offered the game of Keno to its clients, but these games were not played online. Instead, these games were purchased directly from the manufacturer in the form of a floppy disk; players did not play for real cash. When the internet took hold in the 1990s, casino software developers took advantage of the gaming boom and introduced real-cash gaming. Mobile developers like BlackBerry got on board at the turn of the century, and the iPhone and Android markets contained casino applications at launch that included popular casino games like mobile keno and blackjack.

The Popularity of Keno and Smart Devices

BlackBerry is usually heralded as the first smart phone manufacturer to allow its users to download Keno games or other casino suites, but other manufacturers were close behind. Today, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile users download casino suites that include Keno each and every day. The reasons for this are simple; some players just want to pass the time while others are looking to win big wherever they go. It is estimated that dozens of millions of smart device users have downloaded Keno applications to their devices and play them regularly. There is nothing like the thrill of a big win to keep players on their toes.

Mobile vs. In-House Keno

Mobile KenoRegardless of the platform a player chooses, Keno is played relatively the same way. The difference in virtual offerings is that decreased overhead costs allow these casinos to develop and offer Keno variations that cannot be found in bricks-and-mortar casinos. Themed Keno games are extremely popular and include sports, movies, music and even era themes, but there is no way that a land-based casino would be able to offer all of these variations to choose from each and every day of the week. Mobile Keno games allow players to enjoy these themes and many more in an online setting both at home and on the go. Keno is a very popular game for both gamblers and those simply looking to pass time. Playing Keno on your mobile phone is the perfect way for any Keno player of any skill level to enjoy playing the game wherever they are.