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While not all players have easy access on the computer, many use their phones or tablets to do what they have to do online. People can’t only surf the net, stream videos and chat through their mobile phones but now they can play casino games too. Almost all person in the United States have high end phones and have easy access on the internet; not only does their plan allow them for a 24/7 surfing, but there are tons of Wi-Fi spots anywhere. This has made it easy for players to reach their favorite casino games. However, because of the laws of the US, it has been hard for US players to get some decent games in US mobile casinos. The big online and mobile casino companies are in the UK and Asia before but because of the recent change of the stance of the US in gambling and the legalization of most online casino in many states, mobile gaming has changed since then.

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US Mobile CasinosThe unbelievable potential of mobile gaming and its rapid rise has not missed the keen eyes of big online casino companies. Most of them have created mobile casino counterparts of their existing online casino companies and it has been proven a success because of their expertise on that field. Those companies who focus more on the mobile gambling industry won’t be left out as well because of the fast paced improvement of technology; everything is made easier even without a concrete foundation of having an online casino company. Some say that those who focus on mobile casino solely give out the best services because they are more focused on their craft while others believe that the ones with the experience should be trusted more. Whichever it is, US mobile casinos have definitely changed the course of gambling. Analysts say that brick and mortar casinos are still very much supported now but wait five to ten years and online or mobile gambling would be bigger because of the fast improvement of the mobile gadgets we have. Live casino can even be played by just having a mobile. It’s the secret weapon of the mobile gambling industry; they want people to realize that gaming can be done anywhere, anytime.

Fancy suits, cars and women are not needed anymore by gamblers who flock in big time casinos because they can play their favorite casino games, and possibly win the same amount as they would have in real casinos just by staying at home wearing their comfortable boxers. One mobile casino company that offers this type of convenience is Slotland Mobile Casino among many others.

US Mobile CasinosWith their selection of mobile casino games growing every day, they are sure to attract more players, especially in the US. They have the original versions of blackjack, mobile slots, video poker and many more. You don’t need to have the latest phone model; be it an iPhone, smart-phone, PDA or even an old phone capable of Java. Slotland caters for all the needs of US mobile casinos players regardless of the operating system powering their smart phone, how big the display is, or how powerful their gadget is. Players are guaranteed to not only gets a fun time playing Slotland’s fantastic games, they will also reap benefits from generous bonuses and promotions.